By Sarah Marshall
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College gives students Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break, but some students say it is not enough.

Sydney Wharton says she wants a longer Thanksgiving break. By Sarah Marshall, CCC Journalism Program

Many schools have a slightly longer Thanksgiving break, as well as a fall break earlier in the semester. While other local community colleges, such as Rowan College at Gloucester County, share the same Thanksgiving break schedule as Camden County College, four-year schools throughout the area are more generous, in many students’ opinions. For example, Fairleigh Dickinson University will have no classes from Nov. 20 to 26. Fairleigh Dickinson students also had a fall break Oct. 15 and 16, giving them a four-day weekend while community college students were attending class.

“I feel like they (the administration) should extend break to five days,” said Sydney Wharton, a freshman at Camden County College. Wharton said she “wouldn’t mind” if the semester were longer to account for an extended Thanksgiving break.

Jontae McDowell, a freshman at Camden County College, stated, “It’s unfair that some students get a longer break than others.”

She stated having only two days off for Thanksgiving affected her social life. “Some of my friends are home for the week and want to make plans, but I have class those days,” she said. “I think it’s important for students to enjoy their holiday and not just catch up on work. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, not projects. At this point in the semester it gets tough to do both, especially for the students who work.”

Despite opinions of students who advocated for a longer Thanksgiving break, some students remained neutral on the matter.

Freshman Alexander Cruz said he is unaffected by how long Thanksgiving break will be, as he doesn’t have classes Thursdays and Fridays. “I bet it is annoying for other students,” Cruz said, “but I don’t have a problem with it.”

Cruz said he preferred to have a shorter Thanksgiving break so the semester wouldn’t run longer than it does.

He stated, “Most students won’t get to enjoy break anyway because of work (at jobs), so we might as well have school,” a fact that even the students who wanted a longer break admitted.

“If I wasn’t in school, I would probably be at work,” McDowell said.

College President Don Borden said administrators do their best to make the academic calendar student-centered. “With regards to any scheduling decisions, we are often constricted by the academic calendar,” he stated. “In addition, I hope all students realize that no matter what we decide, some folks are pleased while others are dissatisfied – just the nature of all scheduling considerations.”

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