Louis O’Dowd is in action on Camden County College’s campus.

By Jesse Judd
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Working to give the voice of the campus a chance to be heard, Louis O’Dowd finds himself busy in the duties of vice president of the Student Government Association of Camden County College.

The SGA recommends rules and policies for students and facilitates communication among students, faculty and administration at Camden County College. As vice president, O’Dowd has kept himself involved through multiple means, such as on-campus work and social media presence.

Growing close to his peers is one of the biggest benefits of being on the board, O’Dowd said. “I think the group is great and are all very genuine in their intentions,” he said.

During the election period last fall, O’Dowd grew very close with the campus and embraced the time he took to know those he was running with and against. “Current President Joe Moore became a true friend of mine during the election,” stated O’Dowd.

Pursuing a position on the SGA was a no-brainer to O’Dowd, as politics and justice hold high importance to him. “Having this time to focus on the smaller workings of the campus has been enriching, to say the least,” O’Dowd said about his relationship with the campus.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the SGA activities as well as the in-person functions of Camden County College as a whole have come to a halt. Because of this, O’Dowd has been taking the time to brainstorm what to do moving forward once the pandemic subsides. He remains hopeful about the situation and has faith the community will find a way to progress soon enough.

“Sharing classes with Louis has always been nice. You could tell he is very involved with the work he does,” said Jaime McCormick, a student at Camden County College.

When O’Dowd is not working for the SGA, he indulges in his varied hobbies. These include writing, working out, playing video games and reading. He said his involvement with the SGA benefitted his writing, noting, “My interest in writing has aided in my involvement with the SGA. I’ve also noticed it improving as I’ve been writing more.”

O’Dowd has a history of being an active individual in his community. Even as a youth, he found himself involved with volunteer work. Partnering with his local church, he worked to help local homeless individuals, as well as to conduct charity and fundraising events for those in poverty. These events helped him to come to value the importance of seeking justice.

O’Dowd considered many options for his future after his time at Camden County College is through. However, he ultimately decided that politics is where his priorities lie.

“To me, it feels like a natural progression. I’ve been involved with the political world as far back as I can remember,” O’Dowd said about his choice.

The aspiring politician stands with current politicians.

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