By Aliyah El-Muhammad
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College Student Government Association President Joseph Moore says he hopes for a political career after graduation.

Joseph Moore (far right) participates in a Rutgers-New Brunswick political rally.

Moore said he lived in Pennsylvania until age 5, when his family moved to New Jersey, where Moore has lived for the last 15 years. At first, Moore said, he did not like his new state but he soon learned it was a “good place to grow up.”

Moore’s ideas about where he lived were not the only opinions the student changed. Moore said his political opinions went through a dramatic shift during his middle school years. Moore described himself as right-leaning until he began to “almost despise the side he was on” and began supporting more left-leaning policies.

The transition from conservative to liberal political values was soon accompanied by Moore’s transition in college majors. Moore said he started his college career at CCC as a history major with plans to teach. Soon, Moore said he began to question his original major and switched majors twice before deciding on political science in 2019.

“I (just) got this ambition,” Moore said about his switch from history to political science. “I wanted to do more.”

Moore said his ambitions ultimately guided him in his campaign for student government president. Moore said he ran for office to prove it was “something he could do” as well as build skills for his future campaign strategies. For his campaign at CCC, Moore said he posted flyers around the campus and created an interactive number for students to text or call in questions about his platform.

“I wanted to change the way that student government didn’t seem to do anything,” Moore said about his goals for his term as student government president.

Moore also said he wanted student government to be “all about communication” once he got into office.

In addition to his position in student government, Moore is advertising director at CCC’s student radio station WDBK 91.5 FM. Moore scouts potential radio station workers and conducts interviews. Moore described WDBK as a “nurturing environment” where he can meet different types of people.

Moore said he has also found a good environment at his job.

Outside of school, Moore said he works as an axe-throwing instructor, a job he began in August 2019. Moore said his job allows him to “express his enthusiasm.” His tasks include not only coaching axe-throwing but also planning events and games, all while ensuring the safety of guests and workers.

Moore said he sees his job as a creative outlet in which he can show his personality.

Moore said he plans to be heavily involved in politics at either Stockton University or Rutgers University in New Brunswick after completing his education at CCC this year.

Michael Lanutti, a friend of Moore who understands the student’s political goals, said of him, “If there’s anyone in my life that would end up president of the United States, it’s Joe. Joe wants to make an impact on society.”

“I feel like politics is where I can do the most good,” Moore said of his goal of becoming an elected official.

Joseph Moore sits in the WDBK 91.5 FM studio.

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