The college work load can be time consuming. In addition to working to keep up with finances and maintaining a social life, trying to complete every assignment and finding enough time to study for exams is a never-ending battle.

Nevertheless, some college students even play sports for their school.

After interviewing with two freshman who play on the Camden County College women’s soccer team, it’s clear that a rookie athlete’s feelings towards coming into college playing a sport are similar, as are the ways of balancing whatever life throws at them.

Sara Roselle, an 18-year-old freshman nursing major from Haddon Heights said, “It isn’t easy to balance school and soccer, plus I have a job, but I somehow manage. My main focus is school though, because I really want to become a nurse when I’m older.”

Rachel Ingram, an 18-year-old freshman biology major from Pennsauken said that the team practices three days a week and has games another two to three days a week. “It’s not hard to balance everything if you time manage yourself,” Ingram said.

“I still think it’s good to play because you can learn a lot about yourself on and off the field. It has definitely helped me, and I love playing, so getting to play still gives me something to look forward to” Roselle said.

When asked about her feelings on joining the team as a freshman, Ingram said, “A majority of the team is experiencing their first year playing college soccer, so it makes it more special. I’m so happy I made the decision I did because I really enjoy going to school at CCC, and I love the girls on my team. We’re like a family.”

“It’s good to be on a team where the other girls are doing the same things, so we are all here to help each other,” Roselle added.

The Camden County women's soccer team ties their game with rival RCGC after double over time.

The Camden County women’s soccer team ties their game 2-2 with rival RCGC after double over time.

The women both agreed that playing a college sport as a freshman gave them friends from the beginning of college, along with a built-in support system.

Roselle and Ingram encouraged those passionate about playing soccer to try out for the team next season.

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