animal care club photo

Animal Care Club poster located in Truman and made by Colleen Devine to try and recruit more club members.

The Animal Care Club at Camden County College had its first meeting October, 23 in Truman Hall on the Blackwood Campus.

Although the club had a small turn out, there was still some talk of ideas between the student club President Colleen Devine and the club coordinator, Stacie Cantu who also runs the veterinarian technician program at CCC.

Some trip ideas discussed were a visit the local Blackwood Animal Shelter or to take a trip to the University of Pennsylvania dog training center to visit the service dogs. Another idea was to take a visit to a local veterinary hospital to see how it operates.

Devine also discussed a way that the club could conduct fundraisers geared towards both students and their pets.

“I thought we could hold a fundraiser and we could sell both cat and dog treats as well as baked goods for their owners because almost everyone has a pet these days,” said Devine.

Cantu brought up the idea of having a holiday drop off for dogs and cats in shelters. Students could drop off toys and foods in bins throughout the campus. There also would be a drop box for children’s toys.

Devine is planning to get t-shirts made for all the club members, but is focusing on recruiting students to get involved with the club.

“I’m still looking for club officers, a treasurer, and a student who can design flyers to advertise the club,” said Devine.

The club also needs someone who can attend the student government meetings to report that the club is active.

Since the turnout at the meeting was smaller than the number of those who signed up for the club, Cantu and Devine fear that they might not be able to hold the club this semester.

“If nothing is together by November, then the club can’t continue,” said Cantu

Devine posted many flyers around the school informing students of the meeting, but she assumed students just didn’t show up because the meeting was held on a Friday afternoon.

The meeting is being rescheduled for next Wednesday, Oct. 28. at 12:30p.m. on the Blackwood campus.

“If anyone is looking to join, fill out the club form or contact me, “said Cantu.

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