By Imani Bass
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College will host its annual spring open house from 8:30 to 11 a.m. April 9 on the Blackwood campus.

A sign announces the open house. By Imani Bass, CCC Journalism Program

A sign announces the open house. By Imani Bass, CCC Journalism Program

The open house will have several parts to help students who are considering attending the college. It will provide information about the college’s many degree and certificate programs. It will offer a tour of the campus and visits to academic buildings. It will provide a chance to find out about financial aid and how to manage college debt.  Attendees will be able to get information on scholarships, including the NJ STARS community college scholarship program, and the honors program. It will enable attendees to meet with faculty members, students, advisers, and career and transfer specialists.

College freshman Felicia Welch said last spring’s open house benefited her. “The open house I attended last spring truly helped my family and I afford college with help from the financial aid workshop,” she said.

Recruitment coordinator and open house organizer Melanie Monturano said the number of people attending the open house has fluctuated over the years. “Our numbers have definitely dropped a little, but it all has to do with the economy,” she said, noting when the economy is very bad, more people can get funding to afford college, when the economy is very good, more people can afford it on their own, but when the economy is normal, fewer people fit either category.

Monturano says the open house will include new features. College officials hope to use the Cougar bus to drive visitors around the campus so they can see the new and renovated buildings, such as Taft Hall and the Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science and Health Education, and the sports fields.

She said the open house will also include workshops for financial aid. They will be aimed at helping parents who have not had a child in college be able to afford sending their child to college.

For more information, contact Monturano at 856-374-4903 or mmonturano@camdencc.edu.

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